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About Me

👋🏼 I am a creative soul passionate about creating beauty through different types of mediums. I believe challenging yourself and becoming multi-faceted in a variety of outlets keeps your creative spark nourished and ever-growing. I enjoy interacting with design, video, photography, woodworking, etc. whilst naturally letting my Leo side shine through project managing and leading teams.

I hold a Bachelor's of Science degree in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco State University and have been working in the creative field for 10+ years. I am grateful to have designed for respectable clients in the industry and work with film production companies throughout the states.

🧘🏻‍♀️I love yoga, pilates, camping, and being in nature. I enjoy collaborating with those near and far. I appreciate the processes I set in seeing my work come to life and the impact that draws from them. I am an explorer, always seeking new challenges and life experiences. I am very passionate about volunteering and helping others, it brings me joy being able to show compassion through action. I'm also a mother of a sweet fur baby girl 🐶

It's great to meet you, now let's create something wonderful together.


Senior Design Manager at Impossible

I am currently working with Silicon Valley companies, creative project managing and designing UX/UI software solutions with my extremely talented Lisbon creative team.

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