My work varies from project managing, designing UX/UI for software solutions, creative direction for web, mobile, and interactive design. In my design process, I start with human centricity and involve evidence-based design methodologies. Approaching with a human-centered lens, leads the journey through a thoughtful process to get to the most optimal solution. My drive to design for digital is to be able to reduce and solve for user errors around the world, have designs become inclusive and accessible for all, and to make an impact with my solutions one pixel & experience at a time. Please inquire for my full portfolio.

CrowdGuru game application (Mobile)
Role: Design Lead

CrowdGuru connects young students to experienced professionals. Growing up, there wasn't much of a mentor or validation process whenever I had a new idea, ie. How do I start my own business?  We were able to partner with great professionals (guru's) to help validate student questions safely and anonymously. The young user asks a question in the community and one of the experts invited to the platform (guru's) can answer and, from that first contact, can become the young user's mentor to help guide them on their curious path.

Role: Design Manager, UX/UI Designer

At Impossible, my team and I have led the designs and creative direction for a suite of Roche products. We have been grateful to take part in Digital Healthcare Solutions and continue to do so.

A few to mention are:
Roche Navify Tumorboard
Enterprise Digital Pathology Viewer - uPath, and more.

Samsung Family Hub
Role: UX Researcher

At Impossible, my team and I have led the user research and testing for Samsung Family Hub. This entailed market research, usability testing, and user research. We have been grateful to engage with Samsung for many years and collaborate on innovative products.

ThayerMahan (Branding, Web + Mobile)
Role: Creative Lead, Web Designer, Project Manager

ThayerMahan is a maritime security company monitoring for physical and environmental security of the world's oceans. The client presented the challenge of needing a brand redesign and to start their digital footprint. The process of rebranding assisted in building the presence for ThayerMahan through web and mobile platforms. The audience is generally from a military or security background so the digital presence needed to be strong, clear, and concise.

LMS, Digital Learning Platform (Web + Mobile) for Pearson Education
Role: Creative Director, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager

This interactive tool is based off of the lean model canvas. This canvas is generally used for businesses and is mainly utilized via marker and paper. As I was learning about business operations more, there wasn't many platforms that allowed for an interactive board. I designed this canvas to be fun, engaging, and inviting to all users.

So She Slays (Branding, Web + Mobile)
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Project Manager

So She Slays is a female empowerment blogging site touching on subjects from beauty, health, color, and life stories. I was asked to build the website and branding from the ground up. The challenge was: SSS did not want to look like a standard blogging site with ads and text everywhere. I proposed to use big imagery to highlight their topic sections with a modern look and feel. SSS currently has over 450K engaged followers on their social media platforms.